Springfield College Athletics Maroon Club

Each week, both a male and female student-athlete are selected as Springfield College Maroon Club Athlete of the Week honors.  Those honored throughout the month are then honored at a luncheon held in Cheney Hall where their coaches, professors, parents, and fellow student-athletes attend to recognize their accomplishments.


2017-2018 Maroon Club Dates

September 20

October 18

November 15

December 6

January 31

February 28

March 28

April 25


2016-2017 Maroon Club Student-Athlete Award Recepients

Date                      Male (Sport)                               Female (Sport)                                     
September 6 Zach Richard (Men's Soccer) Maggie Kennedy (Field Hockey)
September 13 Tyler Cronin (Men's Cross Country) Marnae Mawdsley (Women's Volleyball)
September 19 Joshua Thomas (Football) Rachel Litchfield (Women's Tennis)
September 26 Taylor Gilfoy (Men's Soccer) Hayley Kmetz (Women's Volleyball)
October 3 Mike Strong (Golf) Mikaela Coady (Women's Soccer)
October 11 Christian Zotti (Football) Anagabrielle Sanchez (Women's Volleyball)
October 17 Jordan Wilcox (Football) Emily Etter (Women's Tennis)
October 25 Keon Haji (Men's Soccer) Jenacee Bradbury (Women's Soccer)
October 31 Johnny O'Hanlon (Men's Cross Country) Jill Macdonald (Field Hockey)
November 7 Ian Tolotti (Wrestling) Olivia Paione (Women's Swimming)
November 14 Ben Malin (Men's Cross Country) Kayleigh Helgesen (Women's Volleyball)
November 21 Zach Joseph (Wrestling) Brianna Messier (Women's Soccer)
December 5 Austin Von Heeringen (Men's Swimming) Ava Adamopoulos (Women's Basketball)
December 12 Kent Parsons (Men's Swimming) Sierra Skaza (Women's Diving)
January 3 Jake Ross (Men's Basketball) Gracie Restituyo (Women's Basketball)
January 10   Amelia McKenzie (Women's Swimming)
January 17 Jake Buhelt (Men's Track and Field) Lexi Windwer (Women's Basketball)
January 23 Stephen Lewis (Men's Gymnastics) Sarah Skillin (Women's Track and Field)
January 30 Luis Garcia Rubio (Men's Volleyball) Madi Bowen (Women's Gymnastics)
February 6 Joe Fusco (Wrestling) Carly Markos (Women's Track and Field)
February 13 Tyler Hansen (Men's Track and Field) Marissa DeAngelo (Women's Gymnastics)
February 20 Trevor Mattson (Men's Volleyball) Emily Medeiros (Women's Swimming)
February 27 Jake Reynolds (Men's Lacrosse) Bianca Raniolo (Women's Lacrosse)
March 6 Tucker Evans (Men's Volleyball) Nicole Silva (Women's Gymnastics)
March 13 Alex Niemiec (Men's Track) Courtney Luscier (Women's Track)
March 20 Brian Johnson (Baseball) Kirsten Drobiak (Softball)
March 27 Chris Graff (Men's Gymnastics) Carianna Gasdia (Softball)
April 3 Joseth Irizarry Feliciano (Men's Volleyball) Tali Twomey (Women's Gymnastics)
April 10 Joe Gamache (Baseball) Shelby Corsano (Women's Lacrosse)
April 17 Whit DeVaux (Men's Track and Field) Emily Giardino (Women's Track and Field)
April 24 Tanner DeVarennes (Men's Tennis) Talia Loda (Softball)



2014-15 Maroon Club Student-Athlete Award Recipients

2015-16 Maroon Club Student-Athlete Award Recipients