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Student-Athlete Academic Requirements

To be eligible to represent the institution in intercollegiate athletics competition, a student-athlete must meet all Springfield College academic policies/regulations, along with the following criteria:


  1. Full-time status - In order to practice or compete, a student-athlete must carry 12 credit hours. During the first five days of each semester (during the add/drop period), a student- athlete may practice while below 12 credit hours, but may NOT compete while below 12 credit hours. After the first five days of the days of the semester, should a student-athlete fall below 12 credit hours, he/she will become immediately ineligible for practice and competition. A student-athlete who drops or withdraws from a class must notify his/her coach and the compliance officer immediately.

A waiver of the minimum full-time enrollment requirement may be granted for a student-athlete enrolled in the final term of the baccalaureate program provided the courses he/she is enrolled in will result in graduation at the completion of the semester. The student-athlete granted eligibility under this provision shall be eligible for any NCAA championship that begins within 60 days following said semester, provided the student has not exhausted the 10 semesters for completion of the individual’s four seasons of eligibility.

*PEAI courses do not count toward full-time status. 

            *Graduate student-athletes need to be enrolled for a minimum of nine credits to be eligible.


  1. Good Academic Standing In order to practice or compete, student-athletes must be in good academic standing. Matriculated undergraduate students are considered to be in Good Academic Standing if they meet the minimum requirements for: 1) cumulative grade point average (CGPA) and 2) completion rate. Students’ academic records are reviewed at the close of each full term (fall and spring). While all students are encouraged to aim for a high CGPA and a 100% completion rate, a series of graduated, minimum criteria must be met for Good Academic Standing.


Minimum CGPA*       Minimum Completion Rate*

After attempting 0-30 credits                   1.800                           65.00%

After attempting 30.5-59.5 credits           1.900                           70.00%                                   

After attempting 60.0 credits and above 2.000                           75.00%                       


Students who meet these criteria will be considered to be in Good Academic Standing. Students who do not meet these criteria will be placed on Academic Probation, Continued Academic Probation, or Academic Dismissal. A student placed on academic probation will be ineligible to practice or compete with the team.  In addition, ineligible student-athletes are not permitted to serve as team manager.